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project name

Development of innovative technology by Solidbox company. A new type of packaging and POS materials production, manufactured with laminating machine equipped with an additional tool created by the B+R department.

The goal of this project

is to develop a manufacturing innovation. Modernization of technological process that is scheduled to be implemented within the scope of this project is a new method of packaging and POS materials production developed by using laminating machine with additional toolset (researched by B+R department). The result of implementation will be a
significant improvement in all steps of packaging production.

The implementation

will require purchasing five machines that allow packaging and POS materials production in B0+ format, i. e. :

Computer To Plate machine | printing machine | laminating machine

die-cutting machine | gluing machine

The laminating machine will have additional modules that improve the complete process of packaging and POS material manufacture.

Project cost: 17 200 000.00 PLN 

EU funds contribution: 9 460 000.00 PLN