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solid technologies

Solidbox's success
comes from the newest technologies

Prepress design and inspection

We prepare print materials with high precision and engagement. We'll design, guide, and adjust your project to our manufacturing technologies. Our prepress specialists take care of esthetic and technical accuracy. Send us your requests.

Lithographic printing

is a common and highly effective print method that we offer to our customers. Industrial flat printing technology made on a brand-new printing machine - KBA 164 with run speeds up to 14K sheets per hour allow us to make accurate, high-volume print runs on a large gamut of cardboard gramatures. We guarantee vivid and faithful colors and details of printed designs.


is a technique of increasing the firmness of cardboard products that are important in keeping your product safe for shipping and stocking. 2, 3, and 5-layer corrugated cardboard of B/C/E/CB/DB/EB wave type in maximum dimensions of 1640 x 1205 mmis subjected to multilayered gluing, making a durable lamination of the material. It is used in our products' structure composition later. We use technology based on an automatic production line manufactured by Oppliger.


is one of the most crucial steps to creating a beautiful, high-value product. Our quality comes from using top-shelf cutting machines capable of processing wide range of solid and corrugated cardboard. Specification of cutting processes is adapted to individual factors of every product.


is a cherry on top. That is an essential and also final step of manufacturing cardboard products that determine the final look and quality. The process involves changing the 2d form into a dimensional 3d form. Solidbox company operates a specialized technological line, thanks to which it is possible to create displays, floor stands, dump bins, various types of packaging, and custom products of outstanding quality.